This website allows you watch killmails around your area as they happen.
It was the outcome of the following consequences:
  • I wanted to learn front/backend programming
  • The Drifter invasion of summer 2019
  • In EVE, I make my ISK by looting/salvaging wrecks

So I was looking for a tool to allow me to find profitable wrecks to loot around my area...
As zKill didn't offer such filter, I decided to create my own.

Things I learned while creating this website:
  • Python is a nice language once you learn to resist the urge to put ; at the end of every line
  • JavaScript is not as bad as its reputation
  • CSS / HTML is a mess, seariously
  • Once you break it down, things that look too complicated may be actually simpler in reality
  • Squizz is a really great guy

Hope you enjoy using it, and maybe even make some profit :)